2022 Handbook - White Section (1)


President's Message


Management Committee

CFAB (Baseball Canada) Executive

WCBA Executive/MBA Committees

Dates to Remember

Regional Contacts

Previous Provincial Champions

Honour Society

Annual Awards

MBA Member/Leagues

2022 Handbook - Blue Section

MBA Constitution

MBA By-Laws

2022 Handbook - Yellow Section

Playing Rules & Regulations

Guidelines for League Registration




Rules and Re-entry

Play-Off Competition

Regional and Provincial Pick-Ups

Transfers and Releases

Interprovincial Competition


2022 Handbook - Green Section

Hosting Guideline

Protest Procedures

Helpful Hints for Tournament Hosts

2022 Handbook - Pink Section

Appendix I - Field Dimensions/Equipment Summary

Appendix II - League Fees and Provincial Registration Costs

Appendix III - National Coaches Certification Program

Appendix IV - National Officials Certification Program

Appendix V - Sample Pitching Chart

Appendix VI - Pitch Count Regulations

Appendix VII - Policies

Appendix VIII - Video Library

Appendix IX - Travel Assistance and Accommodation Fee

Appendix X - Lightning at the Ballpark

Appendix XI - Chef de Mission

Appendix XII - Baseball Canada's RBI Program

Appendix XIII - AAA Qualifier Rules

Appendix XIV - Residency Rules

Respect in Sport Program

2022 Handbook - White Section (2) 

No events held in 2020 or 2021 due to COVID

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