Baseball Manitoba's Girls Baseball Tour Recap


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Over the past month, our Sport Development Coordinator and Provincial Team player Brittney Langlais traveled around the province with other members of our Senior Women's Team for our Girls Baseball Tour. 

Baseball Manitoba's Girls Baseball is a development program for girls ages 7-13 who want to learn to play baseball - no experience necessary. The goal is to develop and improve a baseball skill-set while allowing players to grow and develop in a fun, all-girls setting. 

The tour included nine different camps (two multi-day camps and seven single-day camps) in seven locations, Winnipeg, Steinbach, Morden, Brandon, Hamiota, Dauphin, and Stonewall. 

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Just under 150 girls participated in the camps throughout July, and our Female Provincial Team players were the ladies leading the way, showing these young participants how to play the game. Brittney Langlais, the lead instructor, attended all camps and accompanied various other instructors.

Girls in Brandon # 9 a.jpeg

Instructors Brittney Langlais, Sarah Moir, Jasmine Horwood, and Amber Baker in Hamiota, MB. Photo taken by Patti Hacault

Girls Baseball Tour Instructor Group Photo Winnipeg.jpeg

Instructors Olivia Sheldon, Brittney Langlais, Katie Heppner, and Sarah Moir in Winnipeg, MB. Photo taken by Patti Hacault.

These women not only helped these young girls improve their skills and knowledge of baseball, but they also helped grow the game in Manitoba by making it known that baseball is for all genders and that females have a place in the sport.

Girls Baseball - Batting.png

Britt working with a participant during one of the first stops on the tour, Glenwood Community Centre in Winnipeg, MB.

For many participants, this camp was their first time playing baseball. That's why creating a positive and inviting environment was so important to our instructors. The welcoming atmosphere of all-female instructors and participants allowed the athletes to feel comfortable while trying something new. Instructors we were able to tailor drills to the different skill levels of the participants while also encouraging the girls to continue to develop their baseball knowledge and their athletic ability. 

Girls Baseball - Base Running.png

Action shot taken during a scrimmage - Glenwood Community Centre in Winnipeg, MB.

Girls Baseball Morden Tour # 16.jpeg

Katie helping a participant during a warm up in Morden, MB. Photo taken by Patti Hacault

Girls Baseball Morden Tour # 33.jpeg

Katie working with a group during a fielding drill in Morden, MB. Photo taken by Patti Hacault

Girls in Brandon # 4 b.jpeg

Britt working with a group of participants on their throwing mechanics in Brandon, MB. Photo taken by Patti Hacault

Girls in Brandon # 12.jpeg

Jasmine Horwood working one-on-one with a participant during batting practice. Photo taken by Patti Hacault

The participants left the camps loving the game even more than before and were inspired to reach the provincial and national level of competition just like the experienced female instructors have within their own baseball careers.


Group photo taken at one of the Winnipeg locations.

 We hope that everyone involved in the camps had a fantastic and memorable time and we hope to see you all back on the diamond again soon!

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