Return to Play Reminders

As we enter our second week of competition, under the Return to Play 2.0 guidelines it becomes especially important to ensure we are following our plan. Members have been working very hard to meet and exceed the expectations and restrictions and we commend everyone involved for that effort. Making these new adaptations to routines will take time and continued effort. It is also imperative that we do these things for the safety of our children, coaches umpires, spectators and the public. 

So, we have made a list of general reminders for our members, to further ensure that we are following the guidelines and increase our chances of having a full and healthy season. 

Parent/Spectator Responsibilities:     

  • DO NOT Retrieve foul balls unless you are the designated retriever and are willing to sanitize hands before and after each ball.
  • DO NOT Visit with players during the game
  • Physical Distancing is REQUIRED
  • Listen to instructions from the Health and Safety Coordinator  
  • Follow instructions on the Parent/Spectator checklist
  • Take your garbage home with you, if there are no garbage bins on site

Safety Coordinator Responsibilities:     

  • Be present, noticeable, and approachable at each game
  • Hand out and explain checklists and expectations to spectators as they arrive at the diamond.
  • Introduce yourself to the umpires before the game
  • Have hand and equipment sanitizer visible and accessible for players and coaches
  • Ensure/remind players to sanitize hands before they go out on defense
  • When players are touching their face, they need to be reminded to sanitize their hands.
  • Remind/Assist coach in Physical Distancing around the dugout

Players Responsibilities:       

  • Sanitize hands each time you go out on defense
  • Do not touch your face
  • Physical Distancing REQUIRED

Coach Responsibilities:       

  • Ensure that your Health and Safety Coordinator is named and at each event
  • Manage your bench or charge someone to ENFORCE Physical Distancing
  • Be prepared with game balls when your team is on defense
  • If a player touches their face, remind them to sanitize their hands

Finally, when people need reminders or updates on the Return to Play guidelines, please do so timely and respectfully.

We are all in this together!