Professional Development

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Baseball Canada recognizes the importance for certified coaches across Canada to be involved in Professional Development that reinforces the values of continuous improvement and lifelong learning and encourages the sharing of learning among coaches.

Maintenance of Certification
Maintenance of Certification is the NCCP policy that requires coaches to maintain their certification through Professional Development and training opportunities over a predetermined period. The policy:

  • Provides coaches with credit (PD Points) for attending Professional Development opportunities
  • Promotes upgrading and maintaining relevancy to coaching practices

Below you will find Requirements, PD Opportunities, and FAQs.

PD Requirements

Community Sport Stream: N/A
Rally Cap, Grand Slam, 11U, 13U, 15U, and 16+ (A/AA)

Competition Introduction: 5 Years / 20 PD Points
13U, 15U, and 16+ (AAA)

Competition Development: 5 Years / 30 PD Points
Canada Cup/Games

PD Opportunities

There are several ways coaches can receive credit (PD Points) for Professional Development. Checkout the link below for a breakdown of the 4 major categories:

PD Opportunities


Do all coaches need to collect PD points? Only certified coaches are required to collect PD points. In Manitoba, head coaches at the AAA level are required to obtain 20 PD points over a 5-year period to renew their certified status.

How do I become certified? Once a coach completes all of the required clinics, they are considered "Trained." To become "Certified," coaches need to go through the evaluation phase. This includes: Core Portfolio Evaluation & Tasks, MED Online Evaluation, Practice/Game Evaluation, and Safe Sport eLearning.

A complete list of requirements can be found HERE.

How do I keep track of my PD points? The Baseball Canada NCCP website will keep track of your PD points. Log in to your account to view your status.

Can I accumulate PD points before the start of my certification period? No, PD points will only count towards your total if they are accumulated during your certification period. Any points that occur outside of this time frame will not count towards your total.

Can I earn PD points for Non-NCCP activities? Yes, you can earn points for Active Coaching, Non-NCCP activities, and Self-Directed activities. To claim your points, scroll down to the "Professional Development" section at the bottom of your NCCP "Status" page.

For Active Coaching and Self-Directed activities, click on the link that says "Complete Declaration" and enter the details.

For Non-NCCP activities, click on the link that says "Notify Province of Completion." This will take you to a list of events that have been pre-approved by Baseball Canada to be eligible for PD points. Click on the link to claim your points for the event that you attended.

Can I earn PD points by attending NCCP Clinics/Events in another sport? Yes, baseball coaches can claim points for NCCP clinics and events in another sport as long as they are completed within your certification period. To claim these points, scroll down to the "Professional Development" section at the bottom of your NCCP "Status" page, click on the link that says "Complete Declaration," and enter the details.

What happens if I do not earn the required number of PD points for renewal of certification? Failure to accumulate the required number of PD points within the certification period causes your status to be changed to Certified (Not-Renewed). Once you collect the remaining points, your status will change to Certified (Renewed) and your certification period will reset for another 5 years.

Note: In order to be a head coach at the AAA level in Manitoba, coaches need to have an active Certified status.


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