History and Mission/Vision/Values

Baseball Manitoba...

  • Was formed in 1968 to foster the participation, development, and competition of amateur baseball in the province.
  • Is associated with the Canadian Federation of Amateur Baseball (Baseball Canada), which governs national and international competition.
  • Presently serves approximately 15,000 members in Baseball Manitoba.
  • Has an Management Committee comprised of representatives from various regions of the province, who are elected by the Board of Directors at the Semi-Annual General Meeting, held each fall.
  • Has a Board of Directors comprised of voting delegates from the various leagues across the Province.
  • Is an extensive network of regional directors, delegates, league presidents and umpires who contribute to the grassroots promotion of baseball.
  • Aids various leagues throughout the province to foster sportsmanship and participation in a team setting.
  • Has leagues which are established based on various age categories and skill levels. The following are the current classifications of competition:
    • 7U - Rally Cap (4-7 years)
    • 9U - Grand Slam (8-9 years)
    • 11U (10-11 years)
    • 13U (12-13 years)
    • 15U (14-15 years)
    • 18U (16-18 years)
    • 21U - Junior (18-21 years)
    • Senior (all ages)
  • Coordinates Regional playoffs, Provincials, Western Canadian and Canadian National Championships.
  • Coordinates Coach and Umpire Clinics. 
  • Promotes that leagues for younger age groups should encourage participation, opportunities for skill development and an introduction to fellowship in sport. As the age groups progress, more emphasis is place on competition and the development of players for national and international competition.
  • Publishes web and social media content and sends mass emails to keep its membership informed.
  • Produces a yearly handbook which outlines the constitution, bylaws, rules and regulations and general information.
  • Coordinates the registration of the various leagues throughout the province.
  • Provides technical assistance through its four office staff: an Executive Director, Program Director, Media Relations Coordinator and an Executive Assistant who are responsible for coordinating every aspect of the association.

Mission Statement

To foster and provide leadership in the development of baseball to our members and the Manitoba baseball community


Creating a memorable baseball experience


  • Integrity
  • Fair Play
  • Respect
  • Sport for Life
  • Teamwork
  • Achievement
  • Education
  • Passion