Return to Play

2021 Return to Play

Preparations are underway and will be posted and communicated as they are ready. All decisions will be based upon Manitoba Public Health Orders. 

2021 RETURN TO PLAY Document - Version 2 - March 26, 2021


Baseball Manitoba Health and Safety Video


Indoor Training

As we move toward the Spring Training and indoor baseball sessions, it is important to give program planners, players and coaches a framework for running effective indoor sessions during the pandemic. Please use the link below to help you plan, implement and/or attend indoor baseball training sessions. Note that it may be updated at any time.

As of March 5, 2021, indoor training is now allowed with 25 Percent Facility Capacity under Public Health Orders. See the checklist below for further details. 

2021 Indoor Training Checklist

COVID-19 Ballpark Signage

2021 Return to Play Member Checklists: Training and Competition

These checklists are to be used in conjunction with the Return to Play document.

Health and Safety Coordinator Training Checklist

Player Training Checklist

Coach Training Checklist

Parent and Spectator Training Checklist

Umpire and Clinician Training Checklist

Ballpark Maintenance Staff Training Checklist

Health and Safety Coordinator Competition Checklist - COMING SOON

Player Competition Checklist - COMING SOON

Coach Competition Checklist - COMING SOON

Parent and Spectator Competition Checklist - COMING SOON

Umpire and Clinician Competition Checklist - COMING SOON

Ballpark Maintenance Staff Competition Checklist - COMING SOON

2021 Return to Play: Practice Plan

This plan explains how to run an effective indoor training session while following the Return to Play safety guidelines. It includes a full 90min session, physical distancing tips, and how to take Batting Practice indoors.



Where can I find the 2021 Baseball Manitoba Waiver and Release? The updated Waiver and Release, which contains information related to COVID-19, has been signed by all new registrants  through RAMP.

Are indoor training session allowed? Yes, as of March 5 tryouts, practices, camps, etc. are allowed indoors with restrictions. Facility rules must be followed, mask must be used by all people, no spectators are allowed and group training sizes are limited to 10. See our Indoor Training Checklist above for full details. 

Are outdoor training session allowed? Yes, as of March 19 tryouts, practices, camps, etc. are allowed outdoors.

Are competitions allowed? No, competitions may resume as early as May 8, 2021. 

Are tournaments allowed? No, tournaments may be allowed once Manitoba Health moves into code yellow. 

Do players have to wear masks outdoors? No, players are encouraged to wear masks when not engaged in physical activity and when they are unable to properly physical distance (2m).

Do coaches have to wear masks? Yes, coaches must wear masks when not engaged in physical activity and when they are unable to properly physical distance (2m).

How many people are allowed at an outdoor baseball session? The maximum number of participants (players, coaches, administrators) per playing surface (diamond) is 50. The maximum number of spectators is 25 per playing surface (diamond), as per Public Health Orders related to public gatherings. The maximum number of total people at the facility is 50% of the facility's maximum capacity. In the case of multiple ball diamonds, people gathering at a specific ball diamond are gathering with each other at that ball diamond, but are not gathering with persons at other ball diamonds. So, 25 spectators are allowed at each ball diamond within a complex. Once the session is over and players leave the playing surface, the players would no longer be exempt from the gathering rule. So, lingering and socializing in common areas (bleachers, parking lots, etc.) could constitute a gathering if it includes more than 25 persons including the players and the spectators.

Where can I find more information? All baseball related information is found on this web page. For more information, please use the following links:


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