15U AAA (Tier 1 & 2) Provincials

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Contact: Glen Simard (glensimard@gmail.com)





Hotel information is posted here: http://brandonminorbaseball.ca/content/2022-summer-hotel-information

Using a Google form we will be surveying each team individually for a count of room nights generated by this event.  Each team will fill it out.   Please take a moment to complete this for us! https://forms.gle/Se5oU2Wpjj2ovMTz9

There will be a bulletin board by the canteen with pitch counts, results and schedule. The information on these posters come directly from the game sheet that you must sign. This is the information that will be deemed to be accurate.  

Parking along the south end of the parking lot is at your own risk.  Diamond 2 runs along the 3rd base side of the park and foul balls regularly fly out that way.

Hitting team is responsible for shagging most foul balls, but those real close to the fielding team, will be collected by them. 

Batting cages on site (3 tunnels- maybe 4)  
There will be a schedule sent out Thursday for cage use, we finally received the netting needed to repair the cages and all 4 may or may not be ready. Stay tuned. 

Much like you have done during your regular season, you can keep your own pitch count and score.  We anticipate having two volunteers/workers at each diamond to operate the scoreboards (scorekeeper) and pitch count boards and record the pitch count.  We may only have one. If that is the case, please have your team help out.  Diamonds will have a table setup with scorebooks, lineup cards, pitch count books.  We will also have speakers and mikes setup for music in between innings and warmup.  Not all workers will be comfortable announcing.

Admission: $20 weekend pass. $10 day pass, coaches, players and 15u free. Only the gates by the clubhouse will be open.  Your pass will be a ticket to show when you arrive.  Each person will receive a ticket.  

"Pop-ups" canteen will be up and running.  Please consider supporting the canteen when you are at the park.   The canteen manager may email this group with specials for the weekend.

Dogs are welcome at SMP.

Remember. #noumpnogame

There will be three locations where you will likely find a board member/facility manager this weekend.
a. Office (south side of canteen)
b. Camper (by the equipment sheds)