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Winterball is a FREE program offered by Baseball Manitoba and sponsored by Major League Baseball, Home Run Sports and Baseball Canada. Schools receive a large bag of equipment, 2 batting tees, 4 bats, 1 set of throw down bases, 1 saucer cone , 4 Flexiballs (soft baseballs), 4 Blastballs (foam softballs), 4 Foam baseballs, 24 orange Gym Balls, 12 large Whiffle Balls, 16 small Whiffle Balls, and program plans for teachers. The program is aimed at children in grades K-6. The primary focus of Winterball is to introduce to children the fundamentals of baseball in a fun manner that is non-competitive and that provides a positive learning experience for all involved. Designed for students aged 5-12, Winterball progresses through activities set out in nine different lesson plans, taught in three sets to ensure students learn at an appropriate skill and ability level.  All students following the teacher's lesson plans detailed in the Winterball program will exhibit proficiency in movement skills while gaining social skills by working and getting along with others.

Winterball Goals

  • To promote an active and healthy lifestyle to children while encouraging them to participate in sport.
  • Help increase participation in baseball locally, provincially and nationally by introducing the sport in a fun and exciting program.
  • To teach the fundamentals of baseball while promoting a safe and non-competitive environment that provides children with a fun sport experience that is inclusive of everyone, regardless of gender or physical ability.
  • To give students the opportunity of working in a teamwork setting, teaching them the importance of working together to achieve a common goal.
  • To develop a program that helps students realize individual progress on a continual basis.

Here is a link to Baseball Canada's Winterball webpage with full information.


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