Baseball Manitoba 5-Tool Summer Camp Recap

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During the last few weeks, over 180 athletes participated in our 5-Tool Summer Camps. Seven camps took place (week-long and single-day camps) in six locations around the province, Ste Anne, Altona, Selkirk, Hamiota, Souris, and Winnipeg.

Our 5-Tool Summer Camps focus on the 5 tools that are imperative to success in baseball: HittingThrowingFieldingRunning and Game Strategy. The camps are designed using principles of Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) and the knowledge of some of Manitoba's most experienced camp clinicians!

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Coach Paul Esteves instructs a group of participants during one of the Winnipeg locations.

All instructors created a positive space for athletes to develop their skills, learn something new, and have fun. 

Coach Curtis de Peña going over basic pitching mechanics with participants. 

Fly Ball.png
A participant during an outfield drill, focusing on tracking fly balls. 

Some of the activities athletes participated in included infield and outfield drills, base running, cut off and relay drills, and throwing and catching. 

Playing Catch.png
Two participants during a relay drill, focusing on catching and releasing the ball quickly. 

Athletes participating in a base running drill, focussing on rounding first base.   

All of us at Baseball Manitoba hope that everyone involved had a fun and memorable experience at the camps this summer!

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