Brandon Location of our Girls Baseball Tour

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Group photo taken on July 21, 2021 during the Brandon stop on our Girls Baseball Tour.

Girls Baseball Tour in Brandon

Article and Photos by Patti Hacault, a dedicated volunteer and member of our Sport Development Committee

The Girls Baseball Tour continued in Brandon, Manitoba on Wednesday, July 21 at the Simplot Diamonds. Twenty young ladies, between the ages of 7-13, spent the day learning some basic skills of the game. Manitoba Baseball Administrator for the clinic was Britt Langlais from Garson, Manitoba. She is furthermore a Team Canada/Team Manitoba player. Also, instructing was Team Manitoba members Sarah Moir from Winnipeg, Amber Baker of Strathclair, and Jasmine Horwood from Brandon. These Team Manitoba members provided some quality instruction in a fun atmosphere.

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Britt working with a group of participants on their throwing mechanics.

“The girls baseball camps are an amazing opportunity for young Manitoba females to experience baseball in a fun and inviting atmosphere," said Britt.

"As a coach of this program, it is amazing to see girls improve in the small-time frame we all spend together. I also love seeing the girls form friendships that will last with other female participants. It’s a great experience that will leave a positive impact on all those involved, and it’s also going to have a huge contributing factor in growing baseball for females in Manitoba,” she emphasized.

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Jasmine Horwood working one-on-one with a participant during batting practice. 

“Baseball has given me a lot more then just skills for the sport. Playing ball has allowed me to make lifelong memories, bonds with players across the country as well as meet some inspiring teammates," said Jasmine Horwood.
"It’s amazing seeing the love these girls have for the game of baseball at such a young age. I remember when I was their age, there wasn’t much opportunity for girls in the baseball world, however now it’s rapidly increasing! Having 20 young, talented girls come out to the field, with smiles on their face ready to learn was an awesome experience. I look forward to potentially coaching them in the future to represent Manitoba,” she added.

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Amber Baker instructing participants during a fielding drill.

At the end of the day, the girls had the opportunity to learn some new skills and experience baseball in a positive and inviting environment.

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