21U Women’s Championship 2018 Tournament to be Held in Stonewall, Manitoba

History was made. The Women’s Invitational Championship Baseball Tournament was hosted in Manitoba for the first time last summer in Stonewall, Manitoba.

It was a two year bid and organizers are down to their last few weeks before their second phase of bringing top-level competitive ladies baseball to Stonewall in Manitoba Baseball’s milestone 50th Anniversary Year

The August 9th to 12th tournament will be held at the Fines Field in Stonewall under the organizations of a special committee in partnership with Baseball Canada and Manitoba Baseball, along with the Town of Stonewall.

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These dedicated organizations and volunteers are instrumental in empowering women to play the sport of baseball.

This tournament represents so much more than just playing baseball. It is creating opportunities for young women, creating an initiative, and encouraging women to set their goals high and be willing to work hard to achieve their dreams. It is also a stepping stone for our players to gain exposure on the national stage and the Canadian Women’s Baseball teams.

This tournament will be an exciting opportunity for girls and women who play, coach, and umpire baseball. Participants will experience the joy of playing the game they love with other girls, and they will take away memories that will last a lifetime.

Committee members committed to providing a great baseball experience in Manitoba include Roger Langlais, Gail Langlais, Darrell Humeniuk, Patti Hacault, Jeremy Culleton, Marc Bissonnette, Dee Dee Culleton, Bree Langlais, Ray Moroz, Mel Skapadottir, and Jason Miller.

They would welcome any volunteers or interested individuals who would like to garner a rewarding experience in women’s baseball.

“The Town of Stonewall, and the baseball community in the area is extremely excited to be hosting the 2018 Women’s 21U National Championships at Fines Fields in Stonewall. We have a premier baseball facility in Stonewall that had not been seen on the National stage prior to last summer in a very long time. The participants will be the best of the best baseball players and coaches our country has to offer. There are also 3 or 4 players from the Interlake, who could potentially be playing with Team Manitoba.

This event will provide us with a fantastic opportunity to show off our baseball facility and our part of the province to the rest of the country. Our host committee anticipates that this will be the must see sporting event of the summer,” stressed Darrell Humeniuk, committee member and Field of Play organizer.

We are happy and look forward to hosting the 21U Women’s Canadian National Championship Tournament in Stonewall, Manitoba.

“Girls Baseball is growing in Manitoba, with 1500 girls registered. We are excited to showcase some of the best young Women’s baseball players in Canada,” concluded Roger Langlais, Co-Chairperson, 21U Women’s Invitational Championship Committee.

Article Author: Patti Hacault

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