2023 Provincial Championship Host Applications Are Now Open!

Baseball Manitoba is accepting applications from communities, leagues and community clubs interested in hosting a 2023 Provincial Baseball Championship.

The dates shown below for 2023 may be subject to change. Further details regarding the dates and number of teams to attend Provincial Championships will be determined at the Baseball Manitoba Annual General Meeting in March.

2023 Provincial “A” and “AA” Championships

11U “A” July 7-9 (Zone 2 – Rural only)
11U "A" July 7-9  (Zone 1 - WMBA)
11U “AA” July 14-16
13U “A” July 14-16  (Zone 2 – Rural only)
13U "A" July 7-9  (Zone 1 - WMBA)
13U “AA July 14-16 
15U “A” July 14-16  (Zone 2 – Rural only)
15U "A" July 7-9  (Zone 1 - WMBA)
15U “AA” July 14-16 
18U "A" July 7-9  (Zone 1 - WMBA)
18U “AA” July 21-23

2023 Provincial “AAA” Championships

13U “AAA” Zone 2 Qualifier July 21-23
13U “AAA” Tier 1 and 2 August 4-6
15U “AAA” Zone 2 Qualifier July 21-23 
15U “AAA” Tier 1 and 2 August 4-6
18U “AAA” July 27-29

2023 Prospect Showcases

11U Prospect Showcase July 28-30

13U Prospect Showcase July 28-30

15U Prospect Showcase July 28-30

2023 Senior Championships - Awarded by Senior Council

Senior "A" July 21-23
Senior "AA" August 11-13
Senior "AA" All-Stars July 14-16 
Twi-Lite (35+ & 45+) July 21-23 

2023 Western Canada Baseball Championships in MB

18U AAA August 17-20


These dates are subject to change by the Competition Committee.

The number of teams attending these championships varies by division and age. The “A” (Zone 2) Championships generally have 8-12 teams. For the “AA” and “AAA” championships there are between 6 - 15 teams. The “AAA” Qualifiers have between 5-8 teams.

When applying for Championships, host sites should take these numbers in consideration to ensure that they have enough fields, accommodations, volunteers and umpires to handle the championship. Any event with more than 10 teams will require the use of three fields.

Applicant Checklist:

  • Approval from League
  • Vast knowledge of local baseball people and facilities (field dimensions and amenities)
  • Ability to complete and upload the Facility Checklist, upon request
  • Knowledge of local Accommodation options
  • Knowledge of other events happening in your local area
  • Knowledge of previous events hosted
  • Knowledge of local umpire base
  • 2 Photos of the Facility


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