Return to Play

Phase 1 - Training began on June 26, 2021.
Phase 2 - Competition began on July 5, 2021.

All decisions are be based upon Manitoba Public Health Orders. Read our latest Return to Play Update here.

2021 Return to Play Document


Baseball Manitoba Health and Safety Video


COVID-19 Ballpark Signage

Health and Safety Coordinator Resources:

COVID-19 Notification Process

Face Mask Infographic

Attendance Sheet

Indoor Training Checklist - December 20, 2021

2021 Return to Play Member Checklists: Training and Competition

These checklists are to be used in conjunction with the Return to Play document.


Health and Safety Coordinator Training Checklist

Player Training Checklist

Coach Training Checklist

Parent/Guardian/Spectator Training Checklist

Umpire and Clinician Training Checklist

Ballpark Maintenance Staff Training Checklist


Health and Safety Coordinator Competition Checklist

Player Competition Checklist

Coach Competition Checklist

Parent/Guardian/Spectator Competition Checklist

Umpire Competition Checklist

Ballpark Maintenance Staff Competition Checklist

Isolation Guidance for Sports Participation

COVID-19 Isolation Guidance Chart.jpegClick here for a high-def PDF version of the chart


Do children under 12 need to be vaccinated to participate in indoor sport?

What do the current Health Orders say about vaccinations for youth ages 12-17 participating in indoor sport?
Order 14 of the current Health Order states: 

14(1) Except for ticketed sporting events under Order 16, indoor sporting and recreational facilities, including dance schools and martial arts studios, must not operate unless admission of members of the public to the facility is restricted to the following:

(a) persons who produce proof of vaccination;
(b) persons who produce proof from the Government of Manitoba that there is a medical reason for the person not to receive a vaccine for COVID-19;
(c) persons under 12 years of age;
(d) until December 5, 2021, persons who are at least 12 years of age but who have not yet reached 18 years of age;

(e) on or after December 6, 2021, persons who are at least 12 years of age but who have not yet reached 18 years of age and who produce
          (i) proof that they have received one dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna vaccine for COVID-19, or
          (ii) proof of a negative rapid COVID-19 test result within the previous 72 hours that is confirmed by a pharmacist.

Where can I find more information on testing, vaccinations, and screening?
Recreation Manitoba has complied additional resources for sport on its website:

  • Sample of a negative rapid antigen test from a pharmacy
  • Sample of proof of a single dose record from Shared Health website
  • reference guide for COVID-19 screeners

Where can I find the 2021 Baseball Manitoba Waiver and Release? The updated Waiver and Release, which contains information related to COVID-19, has been signed by all new registrants through RAMP.

Are indoor training sessions allowed? Yes. Indoor sporting facilities may open if the operator of the facility complies with all requirements of the current Public Health Orders.

Are outdoor training session allowed? Yes, outdoor training sessions began on June 26, 2021.

How many Participants can attend practices and games? There is currently no limit on participant group numbers.

How many Spectators are allowed at practices and games? Currently, the number of spectators at an outdoor sporting or recreational facility must not exceed 50% of the usual spectator capacity of the facility. Young children do count as a part of the spectator maximum. So, parents with young children will have to plan for this. If you are watching a practice or competition from the inside of, or immediately beside, your vehicle in a public parking lot or on a public roadway, you do not count as a spectator.

Are competitions allowed? Yes, competition began on July 5, 2021.

Are tournaments allowed? No. Tournaments are defined as a single or multi-day gathering of three or more sport teams, who come together outside regular league play, but does not include; a gathering where team members compete on an individual basis against members of other teams

Do players have to wear masks outdoors? No, players are encouraged to wear masks when not engaged in physical activity and when they are unable to properly physical distance (2m).

Do coaches have to wear masks outdoors? No, coaches are encouraged to wear a mask when not engaged in physical activity or cannot properly Physical Distance (2m)

Do umpires have to wear masks outdoors? No, umpires are encouraged to wear a mask when not engaged in physical activity or cannot properly Physical Distance (2m)

Why do our organized baseball activities differ from regular outdoor activities, within the Public Health Orders? General outdoor activities guidelines do not apply to “organized sport”. Organized Sport is under it's own "Sector", much like schools, restaurants, fitness facilities, retails stores, etc.  Outdoor Sport and Recreation is typically covered under Section 13 of the Public Health Orders. 

Where can I find more information? All baseball related information is found on this web page. For more information, please use the following links:


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Manitoba Public Health Resources (Current)

Province of MB - COVID Response Feb 2021

Restoring Safe Services - Sports Guidelines

Risk Assessment and Mitigation Tool for Recreational Activities

COVID-19 Contact Tracing and Self-isolation Fact Sheet

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